Thursday, November 06, 2008

Escaping twelve o'clock tales

Apologies for the lack of posts lately.

I've been on the go, on vacation.

Nah, haven't been visiting faraway places or anything exotic like that -- just taking time off paid employment to clean out some basements. Generations of free-wheeling pack rats have left their loot for me to redistribute, their weeks in Paris doing nothing to ease the bite of it. Jealous longing for lounging has left me too weary and brain-dead to post.

Wickedly hard labor but the results are sweet. Things are tidied up and organized. Shocking amounts of trash have been unpacked and sent to the landfill. Stunning quantities of perfectly useful items have been unboxed and delivered to St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill. Generations of debris and garbage have been sifted through -- and luminous pearls discovered within the rough coverings of slimy oysters.

For example:

Look over to the right! Whoa! One dusty discovery of a more recent vintage. Evidence that my dear son, H. used to be a laundry helper. Yep. Among many things much, much older (and often moldier and rather odiferous), I uncovered this sweet photo of little H. Back when I couldn't get away from him, he traveled up and down the stairs with me and the laundry baskets, helped sort and fold. Scared the pants off me when he would try to help with ironing. Everything I did was fascinating and he wanted to share. This used to frustrate me at times...

Plus, he really was cute as a button.


Awesome Mom said...

He is a very cute little guy!

Citizen Reader said...

There's no denying he's very cute in this picture--but I've seen him more recently and he IS as cute as a button!

Perky Skeptic said...

Oh, my-- he is precious!

The Laundress said...

Thank you, Awesome and CR and Perky,

The big news here is finally got a functional scanner -- and the massive cleaning project will be finished this weekend! Yay, clean-up has unearthed lots of strange and curious paper ephemera to share.

Yep, H. is still cute but no longer thinks everything I do is fascinating and never helps with the laundry anymore. His helper-role (sitting in a basket of freshly-pressed shirts) has been taken over by cats.

No date on the photo -- guessing he was about 16-18 mos? That was a long time ago now!

Norma said...

You obviously didn't get the notice that laundresses are not allowed vacations!

Beautiful photo.

The Laundress said...

Got me there, Norma. Slacked off just a wee bit on the laundering during the last throes of The Great Clean-Up and now facing a formidable mountain. Serves me right? Arrgh.

Yep, H. was a gorgeous little tyke, wish I had taken more time back then to just PLAY with him, he was always trying to help me work. Now he is bigger and doing his own things.

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