Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Famous foot -- where???

Apologies all around for my non-blogging lately.

I have been caught up in New Year's resolutions gone terribly wrong!

The first weekend of 2009, prior to returning to work, I went shopping for YakTrax (little slip-on devices to improve traction when hoofing it on ice). The basic intention was to return to my walking-commute immediately in 2009 and also to start Dr. Walford's caloric-restriction (CR) diet.

Alas, things went horribly askew.

I was shopping with Best Friend and teen daughter. She found a cute hoodie, I scored my YakTrax (highly recommended by former co-worker, J.J.). We were happy. BF pooh-poohed both hoodies and winter footwear -- he was recovering from his latest surgical excavation of skin cancer and spent his time at the outdoorsy store (where all winter garments were on deep discount) looking at sunhats. What a contrarian. The irony of his misguided attentions became immediately apparent as we exited the store (me, triumphantly waving about my sackful of YakTrax and hoodie)...

... and poor BF stepped onto an invisible sheet of glaze ice and did a spectacular loop-de-loop, avoiding landing on his face because he very wisely rolled his shoulder into the fall. He landed with an impressive, loud thud -- right in the middle of the road.

Stood up, shook off. Daughter and I gasped in horror (he is so skinny, to make such a resounding THUD). We asked, was he okay? And he assured us he was fine...

and asked that we should proceed to the local emergency room immediately. Hah. BF is no whiner. He shattered his shoulder, and is now is facing physical therapy (after surgery to plate-and-pin things together). It could have happened to anyone. Alas it was him (poor sweetheart). Him and 181 other hapless victims.
Our hours and hours of waiting in the hospital emergency room witnessed an endless parade of ice-stricken victims. Things were gummed up forever! It was a weekend of especially dangerous ice and many ice-related casualties. The back injuries were the worst to view, they came in writhing and we didn't see any of them leave. Leg, arm and shoulder folks just cooled their heels for hours, the ER was swamped.

Sweet daughter should have been studying for her first high school finals, instead she took long hikes around the hospital and ate many, many candy bars from vending machines.

I consumed 9,000 calories in Cheetos. Drowning anxiety and boredom in Cheetos? How pathetic.

I have no excuse, other than this is my usual hospital waiting room behavior. Hospitals and Cheetos made me what I am today.

Well, dang but the winter weather (and caretaking of BF) have led to a serious crimp in my New Year's resolution to return to walking-commuting. Also, there is a certain nervousness about how quickly this happened and how long the recovery time will be -- I have been feeling rather safe in my giant Swedish fortress of a car.

But... walking and blogging are both in my plans, starting next week. I am still out to lunch on Dr. Wolford's diet. Most especially because, today I ate lunch at the local Cheeseburger in Paradise (Jimmy Buffett-owned chain restaurant, with vaguely tropical decor). Discovered something interesting -- the restaurant is on the outskirts of our city, which has a restrictive smoking ban. No such ban apparently exists over the border! It is also mainly a bar, perhaps that explains the peculiarly high rate of adult smokers inside (ME! the lone non-smoker! how funny is that?) and 75 other adults puffing away.

At any rate -- far from a tropical escape, it was like spending my lunch hour in a high school girls bathroom, circa 1977. All smokers on this side of town have gravitated to this restaurant. I guess it is just to flippin' cold to smoke outside.

Taking me back...


mary said...

Poor you and BF! Hope his broken wing is healed well by summer. I will recommend Scala brand rafia hats all day long for sun protection...You can fill it with water on a hot day, dump the water all over yourself, slap the hat back on your head, and be cool as a cucumber for an hour or so. I've been wearing one for 15 years, last year broke down and bought Scala's 'Riverboat Gambler' hat, but can't quit using the old one...It knows just where to sit on my head. Really liked the picture, gotta show it to Tim, the great Cheeto lover in the house!

The Laundress said...

Hi Mary,

Thanks for the tip. Never heard of Scala hats but they sound perfect. I will find one for him as a get well present! Sounds perfect.

Awesome Mom said...

Poor BF! I hope his recovery goes well. I hate walking in the cold, more power to you for even considering it.

Bankerchick said...

Wow, that starts the year of with a clatter instead of a bang. Hope BF recovers quickly and you all get back to real life soon. I do not miss the ice and snow at all. We lived in Michigan for a while.

Citizen Reader said...

Oh, poor, poor, BF. That sounds horrible. And now physical therapy, which is never any fun. I continue to be shocked at how fast things can go wrong and how long they can take to fix...I guess that is the true nature of life. My best wishes for better luck for him and you in the rest of 2009.

Hey-is Cheeseburger in the TOWN of our middle of hell burg? Is that why smoking is allowed? I've got to get over there and enjoy some secondhand smoke. Christ I miss smoking.

Norma said...

So glad you're back. The laundry was mildewing. Love the cheetos photo. Not my thing. I'm into Fritoes.

Anonymous said...

First of all, condolences to BF. I fell in the fall, a lip on a sidewalk on the handicap ramp, of all things, and my face took the fall. Painful at first, then scary to look at and still some bruising almost three months later!! Oh well, it can happen to any of us at any time, I guess. Just wanted him to know he isnt alone in this. Did manage NOT to break my nose!!
And as for the diet, I took a look and if that is all the recipes there are, you are going to be hungry laundress!!
Finally, hate to bring this up but was checking in to see if you mentioned Hans. Isnt it time for checkup. You know the one. I still worry about our boy!!
I've seen those chain things on QVC and apparently they work. They were dancing on a block of ice on them.
Sunhats, dont wear one. Should. I've had more places cut off me than Carter had pills, even had melanoma surgery, a big melanoma surgery. BUT, I still have plenty of hair to cover the old pate. So, no recommendations there. But there is a line of sun clothing.

Libby said...


So sorry to hear about BF's accident, but glad to see you are back. Hope things go well with BF's shoulder-OUCH!!!


The Laundress said...

Hello Awesome, Ms. Chick, CR, Norma, Jalena and Libby --
whew, need to pay more attention, thank you all for good wishes for the fallen fellow. He is mending nicely! Everyone be careful out there, it only takes an eyeblink. I think the Yaktrax are a good idea for all of us.

CR -- no clue what is up with the burger restaurant suddenly full of smokers. Maybe because they have a huge official bar area? It was just plain strange and exotic to see so many adults enjoying their cigarettes INSIDE. Maybe there was some tobacco-related convention going on in the area? Puzzling. Nah, the food is not healthy, the air is definitely NOT healthy and the "tropical decor" isn't strong enough to forget all the ice outside.

Jeepers Jalena, you are a survivor! Glad you are mending again, hope all is well with your family? I peek into the list every now and then but am happy to be able to mostly forget that scene... Annual MRI is next week, very late this year. Fingers and toes and eyes crossed, just want it over and good results. That is what we expect. Thanks for popping in!

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